Although wide ranging in discretion, Innovation Factory is keen on b2b SaaS, App Store, and electronics. Software as a subscription has extremely low duplication costs making it quite effective, but we always put exceptionally high value on the team developing the technology.

Music One Headphone

Enplug Social Bilboard

DTV Shredder

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Health & Wellness

Health and wellness is a sector that can touch 100 million people. We look for companies that have the potential to increase human longevity and can touch the most amount of people. Our portfolio currently consists of biotech, medical devices, and cannabis.


In the hospitality world, great service means everything. Although the most selective out of our investing appetite, we range from food & beverage to fitness in our hospitality division. We look for new trends and concepts that will become long terms staples of community.

Sweetfin Poke


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In order to maximize deal flow and mitigate risk, Innovation Factory invests in select funds that have high focus in specific areas or early access to highly sought after startups. We find it effective to invest alongside other experienced investors in areas they have elevated understanding.

Solving Middle Class Problems that Affect Millions

Advanced Technology & Bio-IT Focused

Early Access to Y-Combinator Companies

High Experience in Big Data and Machine Learning

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